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Professor Jiro Senda (Faculty of Science and Engineering) Receives SAE Fellow Award

Updated Oct. 13, 2017
From April 4 to 6, 2017, the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) World Congress was held in Detroit, US, where Professor Jiro Senda of the Faculty of Science and Engineering (Department of Energy and Mechanical Engineering) received the SAE Fellow Award.

He was awarded for his long-time achievements in the area of spray and combustion engineering/ engine combustion and the implementation of related conferences inside and outside of the country, as well as for achievements in the following academic societies.

Awards received at previous, related conferences (Paper Awards and Society Awards)
1992 The Marine Engineering Society in Japan Incentive Award
1997 The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers’ Engine Systems Division Achievement Award
2001 JSAE (the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan) Outstanding Technical Paper Award
2001 ILASS-Japan (Institute for Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems-Japan) 10th Anniversary Paper Award
2002 Journal of Engine Research Best Paper Award
2005 JSAE Outstanding Technical Paper Award
2012 SAE & ISAE Small Engine Technology Conference (SETC) Special Recognition Award
2015 JSAE Technological Contribution Award

Professor Senda also received three fellow awards from the related societies other than SAE.
In relation to winning the SAE Fellow Award, Professor Senda was interviewed by SAE International TV about his research activities, and a video titled ‘Spray and Combustion Science Laboratory (Jiro Senda, Eriko Matsumura)’ was created and made available to the public, marking the first time a video has been made about such a laboratory in Japan.

Click to see the video.