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About this site

  • This is the official website of the Doshisha University International Science and Technology course ( )
  • This site is maintained and operated by the Doshisha University.
  • Doshisha University assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the content of any site for which there is an external link on this site.
  • The copyright for this site is held by Doshisha University. The unauthorized duplication of the content of this site is an infringement of the copyright.
  • We will not be liable for damages incurred by the use of data or other information on these pages.
  • Please be advised that the site content is subject to change without notice.

Guidelines regarding the Publication of Information on the Website

These guidelines stipulate the general principles for publishing information on the website of Doshisha University.
* ‘The website’ used in these guidelines refers to the entire contents of the official website of Doshisha University.

1. Purpose of Publication

The primary purpose of the Network of Doshisha University is to facilitate and support education and research at Doshisha University. Regarding the publication of information on Doshisha University’s website, the content shall not deviate from this purpose. Specifically, providing information offensive to public order and morals, any act of defaming people, any criminal or socially unacceptable act such as false impersonation, and any commercial act such as advertising specific commodities shall not be permitted on the website.

2. Content of Publication

Please be aware that all content and information published on the website can be viewed by many unspecified persons around the world. Great care must be taken not to post inaccurate or misleading information on the website. In particular, ethical values of different cultures must be fully considered.

3. Scope of Publication

When publishing content on the website, careful consideration is needed about its suitability for audiences outside the university, and whether publication should be limited to members of staff and students at Doshisha University, or even to specific members of the university.

4. Respect for Intellectual Property Rights

When publishing information on the website, the intellectual property rights of third parties, such as copyright and trademark holders, must not be violated. It is not generally permitted to reproduce materials on the Internet protected by such rights. Caution should be taken to follow specific authorization requirements, for example some documents can be downloaded only if a link is provided.

5. Respect for Privacy

Privacy of individuals must be respected. Other people’s privacy as well as your own must be protected to prevent problems occurring through the inadvertent disclosure of personal information on the web.

6. Observation of Related Regulations

Regarding the utilization of the services on the network of Doshisha University provided by the Department of Public Relations at Doshisha University, the following regulations must be strictly observed. Any act violating these regulations is subject to disciplinary processes according to respective regulations.

Guidelines for Using the Science Information Network (SINET) system (in Japanese)
Guidelines for Using the Internet (in Japanese)
Guidelines for Using the Web Publishing Server (in Japanese)
Precautions for Using the Web Publishing Server (in Japanese)

7. Cookies

This website uses cookies to enhance the user experience. Cookies temporarily store information on your computer so you can avoid having to re-enter that information when returning to the site. Also, by using cookies, the university aggregates data about how its website is used. This data does not contain information that can identify individuals. The statistical data collected through cookies is used to improve the operation of our website, etc.

8. Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics to compile usage statistics and to help enhance the contents of the website. Personal data that can identify visitors is not collected. Aggregate data is only used for the above-mentioned purposes.

Data collected by Google Analytics through this website is managed based on the Privacy Policy of Google. Doshisha University accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by the use of Google Analytics services.

For the terms of service for Google Analytics, please see the following:
Google Analytics Terms of Service


Please inform the Office of Graduate School of Science and Engineering at Doshisha University if you link to the Doshisha University International Science and Technology course website.
We refuse links from sites with content that has the potential to be harmful to Doshisha University.
Please be advised that the URL for each page is subject to change without notice.

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