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Graduate School of Science and Engineering

The five courses of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering--Information and Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, and Science of Environment and Mathematical Modeling--each have M.Sc. /M.Eng. and regular doctoral programs. The focus of the M.Sc. programs is to develop students capable of entering a professional occupation that in each discipline demands deeper learning and a high level of expert knowledge, while in the doctoral programs the focus is on developing students capable of undertaking independent research.
Information and Computer Science

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Mechanical Engineering
Applied Chemistry

Science of Environment and Mathematical Modeling

Graduate School of Life and Medical Sciences

One of the great purposes of the Graduate School of Life and Medical Sciences is to train and produce graduates who can properly understand the deep essence of life’s phenomena and invent applications with the integrated perspectives of both medicine and engineering. Students in this faculty and school are expected to attain an extensive knowledge of various scientific areas, from medicine to chemistry and physics, focusing on the importance of experimental facts. Of course, all of these areas are strongly related to the life and medical sciences.
Biomedical Engineering and Informatics/ Medical Life Systems

Related Information

PVP (Panorama View Promotion)
As an original program for Faculty/Graduate School of Science and Engineering, we launched "ALL DOSHIHA Co-Learning Program" from Acacemic Year 2018. The below is called PVP (Panorama View Promotion), which the student group created for the project of Co-Learning Program 2018. The PVP provides a 360-degree view, and visitors are able to see the place in details. Let's take a look inside of our campus and laboratories in Kyotanabe, Doshisha University through the virtual laboratory tour.

↑Click the banner to see PVP (Panorama View Promotion)