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Current Students

This page shows ISTC students that information related to the course registration.
All information will be updated for Spring 2021 by March 24th.

ISTC students

Distribution of Grade Reports for Fall 2020

9:30~, March 24th (Wed) on DUET

General Course Registration

General Registration Procedure for Spring 2021[PDF 33KB]

Please read the following notice of DUET usage carefully and proceed your course registration properly.
Instructions for Application of Advanced Registration on DUET [PDF 385KB]
Instructions for Application of General Registration on DUET[PDF 357KB]

Japanese Language Registration

Students who want to attend Japanese Language Class, please follow the steps.
①Check your Japanese language level with referring the chart below and find your level.
Japanese Level Determination Chart[PDF 430KB]

②Take the appropriate test.
<Japanese Language Placement Test>
Japanese Lanaguage Placement Test Schedule for Spring 2021[PDF 232KB]
【Caution】There will be major changes in 2021’s registration rule from 2020.
Please access to Doshisha Univ. web site "News" page to find more details, too.

<Japanese Language Classification Test>
Japanese Language Classification Test Schedule for Spring 2021[PDF 88KB]

③Register Japanese Course'
<For students who have taken Japanese Placement Test>
Please send registration form below by email to the office during the course registration period.
Japanese Course Registration Form Spring 2021[Excel 14KB]

<For students who have taken Classification Test>
Will be announced through email

※Please keep in mind that the registration periods for Japanese Courses are different each other
depending on which level check test you will take.
※Those who wish to attend Japanese Language Introductory Course, please study by yourself
to be able to read and write all of Hiragana and Katakana before the class begin.
※You need an advanced registration for 2 Japanese classes. Please refer the information on the schedule
and do not miss


Please find syllabus from Syllabus system

Graduate School of Science and Engineering

Graduate School of Life and Medical Sciences