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Voice from International Students

Regular Student

Leslie san
Leslie Bustamante
Electrical and Electronic Engineering, SE
PhD Program (MEXT Scholarship)

September, 2017 ~ September, 2020

The reason why you decided to study abroad

I believe that although for nature human beings are creative, our way of thinking is influenced by our surroundings, by our beliefs, our society, and culture. So, I wanted to experience a completely different perspective by changing my environment and learning from different cultures.
Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to live in Ecuador, Taiwan, and now in Japan, and it has been full of enriching experiences, a chance to improve myself, gain skills, find my talents, expand and explore my opportunities and grow my career. I think studying abroad opens your mind to new experiences, another way of thinking, other life, and working styles, and makes you realize that still there are many things to know and learn from this world.

Message for those who are considering studying at DU

Everyone has his/her own experience when studying abroad however, I sincerely recommend choosing an institution like Doshisha University which is very committed to international students' well-being. I think all the DU’s staff has been very helpful specially with international students.
Regarding academics at Doshisha University, I think it suits perfectly to everyone's needs or interests. Of course, it will depend on each person's goals and aspirations. Whatever it be, I think DU will support and give you the resources you need.
In my case, I am interested in research, and luckily I have had the opportunity to attend several local and international scientific conferences.
I think that becoming a DU student will give you many opportunities for the future additionally, you will have the privilege to belong to one of the most representative universities in Japan.

Career after graduation

As a Ph.D. student at Doshisha University, I have had the chance to join some internships at Japanese companies where I learned a lot not only about the job itself, but what is like working in a Japanese company. I especially liked the working philosophy of one of these companies so, I decided to apply for a job here. Although the process was a bit long and difficult, I successfully completed it and after graduation, I will be joining an important Japanese company. My job will be basically focused on research on cutting-edge technologies and the development of electronic devices. Additionally, I will have the chance to work in research laboratories around the world.

Daily Schedule in Japan

7: 30Wake up, check emails
8:30Think about my day’s tasks
10:30Go to the school
11:00Make preparations for my experiment or build simulations models.
13:00Talk with friends and lab mates
14:00Start experiment and while waiting for results, coding a simulation program or check a paper
19:00Run simulation (my computer works all night.
20:00Go back home (if I got good results from experiments).
When I do not do experiments usually I go back right after dinner or if I have plans to eat with friends I go back earlier.
8:00Wake up
9:00Check social media
11:00Go to the supermarket
12:00Cook my lunch
13:00Eat lunch
14:00Meet with friends
15:00Go to visit a new place/ volleyball game/ or study a paper
20:00Watch a movie or Japanese anime.
Generally, I do not go to the school on weekends, unless I have an important deadline for a paper, or I am behind on my schedule.