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Graduate School of Science and Engineering / Graduate School of Life and Medical Sciences

International Science and Technology Course

International business communities highly trust Japanese technology companies. Scientists and Engineers in these companies have kept producing series of quality products through efficient management of research and development with profound business moral. Doshisha University provides international students an opportunity to learn Japanese industry’s ethics and management technologies at Japan’s ancient capital, Kyoto, through the International Science and Technology Course. All classes necessary to obtain a degree are taught in English. Students can take an internship program to work at Japanese industries in Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, and Kansai Science City where the university campus is located.
The program requires intensive efforts in practical project advancement. Research advisor professors who supervise students give a specific research topic. Students have to report the results of their research every month in front of their fellow students including Japanese students.
Students are also required to take classes of fundamental theory subjects related to their own research area, and classes of general knowledge indispensable to scientists and engineers to work in the international scenes. The general knowledge subjects include Ethics for Scientists and Engineers, Presentation Skills, and Writing in English. It takes two years or four semesters to obtain the M. Sc. degree.
After completing the course, students can advance to doctoral programs opened by both Graduate School of Science and Engineering and Graduate School of Life and Medical Sciences. Students are encouraged to cultivate their talent as a scientist or an engineer through giving presentations at international scientific conferences, publishing papers in international journals, as well as periodically reporting the advancement to the professors guiding the student’s research project. They also have an opportunity of working as a teaching assistant to guide studies of undergraduate and M.Sc. program students of Doshisha. This teaching experience helps students open their careers toward a leader of an international scientific project.

Contents of the Doshisha University’s International Science and Technology Course are not limited to professional subjects of science and engineering only. Students will understand their own responsibility in the society, and become a scientist or an engineer most trusted by the society through learning and training at Doshisha. Successful graduates will acquire true international understanding through the educational programs immersed in an atmosphere at the center of Japanese spiritual culture in Kyoto. One can imagine project leaders highly respected by their colleagues with deep knowledge of their subjects as well as a wide range of art and culture. International Science and Technology Course at Doshisha University aims to nurture these future leaders.

Learn the Forefront of Science in traditional atmosphere of Kyoto

Doshisha offers the programs to extensively study the most advanced science, engineering, and technology together with skills for managing R&D projects and strong ethical sense that forms the basis of Japanese high-tech industries. Students can obtain M. Sc. by taking credits of courses taught in English. The campus location at the heart of Kansai Science City makes it possible within 30 minutes to visit adjacent national research institutes, international industries as well as temples and shrines in Kyoto and Nara. One can also have the opportunity to experience an internship at Japanese industry in Kansai area.

The International Science and Engineering Course started from September 2010 as a pilot program for students coming to Doshisha from partner universities under the Double Degree Program. After April 2011, students from any university are eligible to apply. The most advanced science and engineering subjects coupled with courses introducing Japanese way of managing R&D and Japanese company culture are taught in English to cultivate talents to be a leader of international projects.
M. Sc. Program

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