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Professor Morimitsu Commercializes Rare Metal Production Method

Professor Morimitsu Commercializes Rare Metal Production Method
On September 20, 2011, a press conference took place regarding the commercialization of an innovative method for rare metal/ base metal production (electrolytic extraction), which was developed by Professor Masatsugu MORIMITSU (Department of Environmental Systems Science at the Faculty of Science and Engineering) and subsequently received a patent. At the conference, it was announced that an exclusive patent licensing agreement regarding the aforementioned method and the anode used for the electrolytic extraction was concluded with Republic Alternative Technologies Inc. (based in the state of Ohio in the US). Following the agreement, commercialization of the method started. The CEO of Republic Alternative Technologies Inc., Mr. Martin Zanotti, was also present at the conference.
This technology can reduce electricity consumption by up to 30% during the production process of rare metals (e.g. cobalt and nickel) necessary for the manufacture of secondary batteries and automobiles, and base metals (e.g. zinc and copper) used for batteries and motors. It also can inhibit metal sludge formation, which has not been possible using existing methods. Consequently, adverse effects on the environment, such as the release of CO2 and other hazardous materials, can be reduced considerably.