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ALL DOSHISHA Co-Learning Program


Corporative Learning with Japanese Students

Doshisha University’s All Doshisha Co-Learning Program is launched from 2018 Academic Year, aimed at promoting high level of enhanced interaction within Japanese students and International students.

This program is based on a student-centered learning approach known as Problem/ Project Based Learning (PBL), and organized by Japanese students who wish to study abroad and International Science and Technology Course (ISTC) students who wish to learn more about Japan.
Japanese students and ISTC students challenge to identify and examine real problems in everyday life, then work together to address and solve those problems.

Through this program, there are various benefits for both Japanese students and ISTC students. Japanese students will make a connection with ISTC students and get information from them for studying abroad in partner institutions. The students can learn English and other foreign languages as well. On the other hand, ISTC students will have opportunities to understand Japanese culture, society, and companies while learning Japanese language at the same time.
For participating actively in global society, students will need to acquire high level of English proficiency and global mindset. Therefore, Co-Learning Program aims to enhance the students’ abilities and skills as below:

[Goals and Expected Acquirement of Competences through This Program]
・Global mindset
① Global vision
② Respect for diversity
③ Intercultural understanding

・Fundamental competencies for working persons
① Ability to step forward (Action)
② Ability to think through (Thinking)
③ Ability to work in a team (Teamwork)

The concept of Co-Learning Program is “Non sibi (Latin)” = “Not for self”. This is the essential mind concept for Japanese students and ISTC students to develop the global mindset. It also would be a worthwhile program for Doshisha University, alumni of Doshisha University, future students of Science and Engineering, and local communities.

We hope that students understand our concepts and join Co-Learning Program as many as possible. Let’s work together and fun together!

Application Process and Program Guidance

We have finished the Recruitment Guidance and application of AY 2019.
Thank you very much for applying for our Co-Learning Program.
Now, we do not take the additional new recruitment.
If you are interested in this program, please feel free to visit
ISTC office (Rikagakukan 1F).

The Recruitment Guidance of AY 2020 will be held on end of April (TBA).
FYI, please refer to the flyer and application form of AY 2019 as below.


You can download the application form from here.[Word 37KB]

Annual Schedule


Project List of Co-Learning Program by Academic Year(AY)

About the project, planning application, progress status and achievement report are disclosed by Academic Year(AY).

The project of (AY)2018 >> click here
The project of (AY)2019 >> click here