Doshisha University International Science and Technology Course

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Campus Information

The main campus for students in International Science and Technology Course is located at Kyotanabe city in southern Kyoto.
The campus location at the heart of the Kansai Science City makes it possible to visit adjacent national research institutes, international industries as well as temples and shrines in Kyoto city and Nara within 30 minutes.
The vast campus, which is surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful mountains, is fully equipped with the latest facilities and experimental rooms such as NMR (nuclear magnetic resonator) room, a clean room, an anechoic room, an Engineering Training Plant, and an artificial environment control room.
Students also have an access to the multi-media library and the "Learned Memorial Library" which currently contains about 264,000 books (total of about 2,573,000 books including the books from the Imadegawa Library house, faculty laboratories and research centers.) and about 1,600 computers (total of about 3,100 computers in Imadegawa campus).
Kyotanabe campus provides a wide selection of restaurants and cafeterias serving various kinds of meals from around the world such as a curry house, Chinese noodle restaurant, and French/Italian restaurant.
There are also many indoor and outdoor sports facilities that are suitable for a wide range of sports and extracurricular activities including aviation, American football, horseback riding, and Karate.