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Student Support

We introduce housing agencies set up inside and outside the university, and accept students in leased accommodation and university's own dormitories. In addition, we provide relevant information regarding available residences such as the Kyoto Area Foreign Students Housing Guaranty System.

Health and counseling
Students can consult with a doctor (physician) at the Health Center and obtain mental health support at the Counseling Center. Moreover, we process the applications and handle other formalities regarding the Medical Reimbursement Programs for international students.

Japanese language and culture subjects and subjects in foreign languages
In order to support international students to achieve significant results in their studies and researches, we offer them courses and classes to study Japanese language and culture more deeply. In addition, a counseling service for international students has been set up to provide advice studies in case of problems, on Japanese language studies.

Tutoring service (only for graduate students)
Doshisha University has tutor system for international students to give academic assistances for students who enroll in Doshisha University. This service helps international students to improve their Japanese proficiency (including acquisition of specialized terminology and honing thesis) and to reinforce specialized fields of studies.

International peer advisers
The international peer advisers offer international students advice and answer questions on issues surrounding their studies and social lives in Kyoto. The advisers are generally international graduate students who are from the same countries as the advisees. The peer advisers also give support right after the arrival in Japan and assist in understanding Japanese society.

Career advising
To support students who pursue their career while in school, we offer information materials on employment and companies, vocational counseling, guidance and seminars. Furthermore, we provide various courses for qualification tests and guidance for those who aim to obtain licenses or qualifications.

Student Support Services Center
The Student Support Services Center provides general information concerning campus life and studies, and offers counseling and self-development activities to enhance students' campus life. The university also plans and sponsors various extracurricular activities including camping, lectures, concerts and film screenings. A festival called Adam is held on the foundation anniversary.