Doshisha University International Science and Technology Course

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Doshisha University Merit Scholarships for Self-Funded International Students


This Merit Scholarships only apply to Tuition.
(The Registraition Fee (Admission Fee), the Facilities Fee, the Laboratory Fee and the Academic Association Fee are not included.)

Amount of Scholarship:
(1) Equivalent to full amount of Tuition
(2) Equivalent to 50% of Tuition
(3) Equivalent to 30% of Tuition

The number of recipients varies according to the Graduate School.
The reduction rate is determined by considering such factors as entrance examination results and research plans.

2.Eligible Applicants

Applicants must be self-funded international students with a strong desire to enroll in the International Science and Technology Course and satisfy one of the following requirements:

Those who have passed the entrance examination for international students and hold a “College Student” visa.

Those who have passed the entrance examination for international students, and hold a certain visa such as “Permanent Resident”, “Long-Term Resident”, and "Dependent" visa.

Those who are enrolled in Doshisha University, regardless of type of entrance examination and who hold a “College Student” visa.(*applicants’eligibility will be preliminarily screened.)

3.Duration of Scholarship

Two years after admission (renewable for up to the standard number of years required for graduation in students who meet certain standards of academic performance).
In being renewed, the reduction rate may be changed depending on academic performance.

4.Method of Scholarship Payment

At the time of payment of their University Fee, scholarship recipients will be charged an amount that reflects the tuition reduction (i.e., an amount that equals tuition minus the amount of reduction) for each semester.

Doshisha University Doctoral-Program Young Researcher Scholarship

To support young researchers who hold future promise and display a strong passion toward academic research.

Quantity Available To all qualified students in the graduate school of Science and Engineering unless these exceed scholarship availability.
Application Procedure The scholarship is awarded on the basis of recommendations from the graduate schools of Science and Engineering and cannot be applied for individually
Study level Doctoral
Type Grant-type scholarship
Award Amount Amount equivalent to annual University fees (including the Registration Fee(Admission Fee), Tuition, the Facilities Fee and the Laboratory Fee).
Award period The scholarship is awarded for a period of one year. However, the award period may be extended based on screening and provided it does not exceed the standard program duration. Note that the award period will be temporarily suspended during leaves of absence.
* The Leave of Absence Fee must be borne by the recipients.
Eligible students Students with a passion for academic research who have received a recommendation from the graduate school of Science and Engineering and match the following profile.
* Students enrolled in doctoral programs at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, who are aiming to acquire a doctoral degree, and were under 34 years of age at the time of admission.

Note: Where age is specified as a condition, it refers to the age on first day of the year of admission.