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Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Machine Elements and Tribology Laboratory

Basic elucidation of tribological phenomena and its applications to machine elements


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Telephone : +81-774-65-6414

Office : YM-226
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Telephone : +81-774-65-6413

Office : YM-225
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Hidetoshi SAKAMOTO

Telephone : +81-774-65-6402

Office : YM-121
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Research Topics

  • I. Research on grasping machine element characteristics and improving their performance
  • II. Research on development and evaluation of advanced tribological surfaces
  • III. Development of new materials and research on grasping their mechanical properties
  • IV. Development of optimum machine strength design and reliability evaluation

Research Contents

Topic I
involves research to grasp the characteristics and improve the performance of machine elements such as stepless gearboxes, bearings, and linear guides. In practice, we are developing force control mechanisms and positioning mechanisms incorporating traction drives that are attracting attention as stepless gearboxes, optimizing the design of fluid dynamic bearings used in hard-disk drives, developing ultra-precise actuators that perform positioning through minute adjustments to the hydrostatic bearing supply pressure, and developing linear guides that permit the stable and low-friction movement of objects.

Topic II
involves research on property evaluation of diamond-like carbon (DLC) films and fine-particle peened films that are attracting attention as high-performance films. In practice, we undertake the development of heat-resistant DLC films and research into the tribological characteristics of films peened by fine molybdenum disulfide particles. We use X-rays and neutron beams to investigate the composition and structure of films and make detailed examinations of their effects on tribological characteristics in order to search for the optimal film formation conditions.

Topic III
involves the development of superior new materials with enhanced mechanical properties and sliding characteristics. In practice, this includes the development of new composition-controlled magnesium alloys, development of high-strength natural-fiber-reinforced composite materials using ethylene plasma polymerization, development of carbon-fiber composite materials, and improving the adhesion of copper plating by low-temperature plasma treatment.


  • Tribology
  • Lubrication engineering
  • Machine elements