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Publications & Patents


It is carried out in this Faculty of science and Engineering / Graduate school of Science and Engineering, and is result announced by March,2011

Annual numbers
Information and Computer Science151141117123108
Electrical and Electronic Engineering153135115111107
Mechanical Engineering152129170153149
Applied Chemistry12710911395101
Science of Environment
and Mathmatical Modeling


We regard the ‘Intellectual Property’ created by the study of Doshisha university as public property.

We apply a patent for researcher’s invention and open the ‘Intellectual Property’ to the public, which allows the fair use under a free competition.

To promote the active use of ‘Intellectual Property’ we should give an attractive impression to industrial world.

Intellectual Property Center and Liaison Office aim at playing a central role to establish the system which makes researchers to cooperate with the public and easier to use for industrial world.
Applications number

Applications number
Registration number

Registaration number
* It basically takes some years for registration after application

International Patent ex: in US, EURO (2011-2012)

2011/8/2USUS7991487Method, computer, and recording medium storing a program for computing
2011/10/25USUS8043977Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
having a group-III nitride superlattice layer on a silicon substrate
2011/11/8USUS8054866MC-CDMA system, transmitter and receiver
2012/1/24USUS8103170Method for optical time division multiplex and apparatus thereof
2011/2/22USUS7893000Boron carbide ceramic and manufacturing method thereof
2012/3/7German2015376Svensk Patentdatabas, Träfflista0