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Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Information and Computer Science

Applied Media Information Laboratory

Researching the media information relating to people such as images and sounds


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Masashi OKUBO
Acceptable course
Master's degree course
Doctoral degree course×
Telephone : +81-774-65-6654
Office : KE-211
Database of Researchers

Acceptable course
Master's degree course
Doctoral degree course
Telephone : +81-774-65-6638
Office : KC-323
Database of Researchers

Research Topics

Human Interface group
  • Research on non-verbal communication/Interaction
  • Research on Human Computer Interaction
  • Research on well-being support
  • Research on Human Robot/Agent Interaction
  • Research on human behavior in VR environment

Acoustic group
  • Developing elemental technologies for sound field rendering
  • Researching high-speed sound field rendering by GPU
  • Researching real-time sound field rendering by FPGA (silicon concert hall)
  • Research on Lake Biwa’s water temperature monitoring by acoustic tomography
  • Research on numerical simulations of thermoacoustic phenomena

Research Contents

1. Human Interface group
Our research area is Human Interface, especially relationship of a human and a various kind of system. For example, we research on the Human-Robot/agent communication based on the research on Human-Human communication. In our study, we believe that our research make someone be happy by bringing a change for human communication, education and the social activities. Therefore, we use the tools used in the sociology, the psychology and the statistics as well as the engineering technology such as VR/AR, Robot etc.

Chat System with Visualized Unconscious Non-verbal Information


Influences of Visual Non-verbal Information on Feeling and Degree of Transmission in Presentations

2. In the acoustic group
we are researching numerical simulation technologies for problems related to general wave phenomena, from sound waves to electromagnetic waves. In particular, by the development of specialized sound field rendering hardware, we are aiming to achieve a “silicon concert hall” to reproduce concert hall sound in real-time.


  • Human interface
  • Communication assistance
  • Interaction design
  • Virtual reality
  • Emotional stress simulation
  • Sound field rendering
  • Silicon concert hall
  • GPU
  • FPGA