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Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Applied Chemistry

Powder Technology Laboratory

Website of the Laboratory 【In Japanese and partly in English】

Towards creation of intelligent powder systems and processes using powder experiments and simulations



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Telephone : +81-774-65-6596
Office : SC-326
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Telephone : +81-774-65-6608
Office : SC-408
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Research Topics

  • Optimum design and control methods for powder processes
  • Controls of particle flow and cohesive behaviors by admixing smaller particles
  • Design of aggregated nanoparticles and their dispersion operations
  • Synthesis of composite particles by using a non-uniform nucleation for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications
  • Synthesis of composite and amorphous materials by using mechano-chemical methods

Research Contents

We use powder experiments and simulations, to conduct research on the production of high-function materials and powder processes involving powder particles and on the design of powder particle systems. In particular, we introduce the concept of systems engineering to create optimum designs for high-function powder materials formed by the aggregation of numerous particles with varying chemical compositions, the production processes for these materials, and the devices that use these materials.

A SEM image of TiO2 porous hollow particles contained vitamin C

A SEM image of surface structures for improving particle flowability


  • Powder properties
  • Chemical simulations (MC and MD)
  • Particle simulations
  • Slurry dispersion
  • Adhesive force of particle
  • Particle Flowability
  • Mechano-chemical reactions
  • Composite particles
  • Crystallization