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Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Applied Chemistry

Molecular Chemical Engineering

Self-organization of colloidal system under non-equilibrium open system


Akihisa SHIOI [Professor]

Akihisa SHIOI
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Telephone : +81-774-65-6839
Office : SC-226
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[Associate professor]
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Telephone : +81-774-65-6564
Office : SC-224
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Research Topics

  • Chemically Driven Motion of Oil/Water Interface Design of a moving vesicle driven by chemical reaction
  • Spatiotemporal pattern formation in precipitate
  • Regulated motion of a reactive droplet
  • Catalyst motion by chemical reaction
  • Regular motion formed by small vibration
  • Micromotor working under a DC voltage

Research Contents

How do you explain what is life? People who received the higher education would say “A chemical system with metabolism that can duplicate itself. It contains DNA and proteins...”. However, ancient people before the dawn of modern science must feel and think to know what is life. It is absolutely different from stones, sands, metals and etc. Let’s think again what is life. How can we answer this question as science? One of the promising methods is to create abiotic chemical systems with a semblance of life. Our research group is finding and creating such chemical systems to consider what types of characteristics in physics and chemistry impart a semblance of life in these abiotic chemical systems. This study is categorized as a design of chemical system with dynamical pattern formations, which will promote the frontier in chemical science for practical applications, such as materials separation and smart reaction systems.


periodic precipitation in a particle


  • Surfactant
  • Interface
  • Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Self-organization
  • Self-assembly

  • Droplet
  • Vesicle
  • Colloidal system
  • Autonomous motion
  • Pattern formation