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Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Applied Chemistry

Molecular Chemical Engineering

We can design chemical system moving like living matter.


Akihisa SHIOI [Professor]

Akihisa SHIOI
Telephone : +81-774-65-6839
Office : SC-226
Database of Researchers

[Assistant professor]

Database of Researchers

Research Topics

  • Chemical control of instability in oil/water interface containing surfactant
  • Design of a moving vesicle driven by chemical reaction
  • Spatiotemporal pattern formation in colloidal system
  • Regulated motion of a reactive droplet
  • Electrochemical control of interfacial instability

Research Contents

Our research at the Molecular Chemical Engineering Laboratory is aimed at designing chemical systems moving like living matters and proposing potential ways that they could be of practical use. The meaning of "like living matter" is that the systems change autonomously in response to variations in their surrounding environment, and alter their temporal or spatial patterns to maintain their essential function. Such systems are only feasible in nonequilibrium open systems, and are created using the nonlinearity of interfaces in highly-reacting and moving materials.
Droplet tracing 3d chemical tracks


  • Surfactant
  • Interface
  • Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Self-organization
  • Self-assembly

  • Droplet
  • Vesicle
  • Colloidal system
  • Autonomous motion
  • Pattern formation